The Art of Patrick Stickney


"My work is story telling...of man, woman, animals, past present, physical, emotional, and real and imagined. I sign my works with Hieroglyphic symbols that reflect my interest in ancient Egyptian culture and a belief in the everlasting life-force in us all."


In 2006 Patrick moved to the Tampa Bay area from The Great Lakes Region of Western New York. 

He holds a Bachlor of Fine Arts degree from the University of New York at Buffalo - specializing in communications, fine art, art history, and creative writing. 

After years of managing creative departments at ad agencies, in Western New York and North Carolina, Patrick started his own successful agency in 1986 - servicing clients with all forms of marketing and creative media for regional and national ad accounts. 

Always an artist - around 2000 he became more deeply involved in fine art and his paintings and drawings were embraced by galleries in New York City and Los Angeles. 

His work displays a strong emphisis on dream images, personal visions, and human emotions. With bold lines and vivid colors as a signature - Stickney's art shows have been appropriatly tittled: "The Art of Patrick Stickney...Dreams, Meditations and Myths." 

This personal, psychological approach is executed in what might be called surrealistic or expressionistic in style.