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What You Should Know About Light And Your Artwork

Part 2

UV Protection For Your Artwork

All this talk about invisible UV rays would seem to spell certain doom for artwork, but thankfully that is not the case. A development in glass technology by Tru Vue, Inc. has brought about a glass product known as Conservation Series which effectively blocks out 97% of all harmful UV rays. The cost premium for using conservation glass is marginal, and the benefits of its use cannot be ignored.

The single most important step you can take to prevent harmful UV rays is to specify the use of conservation glass by Tru Vue.

Tru Vue conservation glass is available in clear and reflection control. Depending on the intensity of the light in the room where your art will be displayed, you may want to request Conservation Reflection Control. Reflection Control glass deflects "hot spots" and glare, so the beauty of the art can show through.


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