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What You Should Know About Light And Your Artwork

Part 1

The Blessings and Danger of Light

Without light there would be no art, as light is what allows us to see and appreciate color. It is one of the great ironies that the very thing that lets us enjoy color also works to destroy it.

Have you ever seen a faded gum wrapper, lying in the sun, bleached to a mere fragment of its original color? Perhaps the paper had become brittle as well--ready to break apart at the touch of a finger. The damage you saw was caused by the sun...specifically, the sun's damaging UV, or ultraviolet, rays.

Ultraviolet rays are the same villains that your doctor warns you about. They cause breakdown whenever they come in contact with organic materials, burning noses, bleaching gum wrappers and ruining your son's first finger painting. The damaging effects of UV light on artwork are cumulative and irreversible.


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What You should know About Light

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