Title: Final Frontiers Color Poem IV: The Letter
Size 48"x36"
Style: organically biomorphic painterly abstractionchartres
Price: $5600 

Statement~ Chartres 

Inspired nearly ten years ago by the elegant beauty and brilliance of the stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral, France; my abstract oil paintings know as Colour Poems, are executed through an iridescent application of acrylic underpainting.
This process, the net result of three years intense experimentation to capture on canvas the power of color contained in the Chartres Cathedral windows, I have dubbed "chartres".

Much as with the orchestrated instruments of a musical tone poem; my use of color and motion is intended to paint a picture that moves within the mind of the observer.  A picture telling its own story as it unfolds within the mind of each viewer. The colors represent the hope for umanity to overcome the heart of dearkness and pain (represented by the black spaces) that periodically engulfs us, whether as individuals or as a collective society. Just as the colors of my paintings need the black spaces to dazzle, so too do we need our pain to push us to refine and lift ourselves. 

All Colour Poems have a similar origin and all pieces are created using archival quality materials. The process begins with an application of black gesso on canvas or masonite panel, which may or may not be textured, depinding on whether or not a textured effect is desired. Next a  layer of medium viscosity black acrylic is laid down on top of the dried gesso. 

After the acrylic dries, the canvas is lowered onto a horizontal, level surface, where it is then subjected to several layers of mica-based thin viscous pigmented acrylics that are moved across the canvas and manipulated by various tools, fans, air pressure equipment and gravity. The result is a shimmering underpainting forming the foundation of the oil work to follow.

Following a 24 hour dry time, the canvas is ready for oil application. Transparent oil paints are applied in various thicknesses and in several glazes over the underpainting, resulting in an iridescent effect. The paint is moved using a variety of both traditional and unconventional tools (brushes, shop cloth, Q-Tips, combs, hair dryers, feathers).

Once completed (usually after a
four week process of oil glazing), the painting is allowed to
completely dry for several weeks before applying a thick coat of
Damar Varnish, which not only protects the entire painting, but
produces a glossy, gem-like quality to the work.

Colour Poems are designed to be viewed under halogen lighting, as this type of lighting illumines all of the transparencies and iridescence of the work.

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